Helpful “How to” Maintenance Videos


How to unclog a toilet

How to unclog a sink

How to unclog a shower drain


How to reset an electrical breaker

How to reset a garbage disposal

How to balance heat and A/C airflow

How to test a smoke detector

How to replace batteries in a smoke detector

How to change a lightbulb


How to repair a clogged ice maker

How to clean a glass-top stove

How to balance a washing machine tub

How to troubleshoot your dryer

How to troubleshoot your washing machine

How to load and run a dishwasher

How to maintain a dishwasher

How to shut off the main water service in case of a leak in the home


How to clean miniblinds

How to care for a clean wood floors

How to care for and clean ceramic

How to patch nail holes in walls

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